Online Flirting Tips

 So why should we flirt online?

As everyone and I do mean everyone already has experienced, approaching a girl can be difficult and fear of rejection strong. This leads to anxiety and therefore to unintentionally sending awkward signals.
So online flirting really does represent a good starting point for every unexperienced flirting beginner.

Before getting into the step by step guide I would like to quickly mention the main advantages of online flirting:

  • Best case: your wildest dreams becoming reality
  • Worst case: no answer
  • Mass approaching
  • A lot information available beforehand
  • Steep learning curve
  • Focus on exactly your type of girls

The approach:

When initiating a conversation
nothing’s worse than an message with no relation to her . Generic phrases like “you look hot, wanna chat?” will get you nowhere. Take the time to analyze the profile and try to figure out some points which you can mention. For example you notice a recent photo which shows her in Bar xyz. Maybe you can start at that point a conversation asking her about that. Moreover if you find shared interests which are worth mentioning jus go ahead.  It puts you out of the crowd and sets up a topic for continued discussion.

It cant be stressed out enough which big role the first sentences play. As a general rule beeing funny in a gently way is the most efficient way. For instance: there are a lot of pictures showing her playing some volleyball. So an decent approach could go like: “I see you’re pretty good on volleyball. The last time I played this game  I got hit by the ball like three times. Mind helping me improve?” Relate the joke to her  profile and you’ll be getting a fun, flirty response in no time.

There is a general opinion that compliments itself are cheap and a no-go. Of course “You’re so pretty” does not work.  But try  complimenting the girl on an unusual combination of characteristics: “I ve never saw a girl playing chess while being so hot”. The key for an succesful approaching is to show that you invested some time and really tried instead of just leaving a random message like “hey how are you?”. This worked like 10 years ago but not today anymore.

She replies and the conversation begins:

Keep the general rule in mind: You want to attract her and provide your potential date with something to ask you about.

Try to find good questions but dont overexaggerate it. Finding a balance between beeing generic and personal is important.

Crucial point: ask for date, for example: When you know what she likes to do, you can suggest an activity that fits in with her interests.




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